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  • 298x200 trainingmanual

    Training Manual

    You have a training program on-line manual. Here you will find a wealth of information about your training. Topics include running injuries, cross training, biomechanics, and much more. The manual is fairly large but we have divided it up into small, easy-to-follow sections. You can print any page(s) at will. You will find a handy PDF print icon on the on-line training manual page. This allows you to print only what you require and nothing more. This is one step in Running Room's drive to lessen the volume of paper that we produce. This is in line with the Running Room's environmental initiative: As a responsible corporate citizen we intend to use less paper in everything we do. We feel strongly that this position is in line with the environmental concerns shared by our customers.

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  • 298x200 trainingschedule

    Training Schedules

    Where do you start? How do you set up a training schedule? Here, you'll find a variety of training programs based upon your individual goals and levels of ability. This particular program requires that you key in a goal date, which can be an event, or even just a finish date for a program. We have updated the on-line training program to include a new PDF print utility for the training schedules. This print utility works much like the on-line training manual print utility. Participants can now select any training schedule and click the PDF print button that appears above the schedule. The PDF will print out the training schedule that includes the following:

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  • 298x200 classcurriculum

    Class Curriculum

    Your training instructor will establish a curriculum of the topics for the week and any possible guest speakers. To view this, all you need to do is click on the curriculum topic and you will see an overview. Your instructor makes regular changes to the topic of the week or guest speakers so look-it up often. The On-line program is designed so that you can explore at your own pace so feel free to jump around through the curriculum to the topics you're most interested in.

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  • 298x200 virtualtrainingprogram

    Virtual Classes

    Virtual training programs are ideal for people who wish to take a training program at their own pace and cannot attend at one of our store locations. Instruction is all on-line with weekly instructor coaching emails along with a weekly audio posting from the instructor about that weeks topic. This video displays how to view the online weekly topic and listen to the audio posting. Only virtual training programs contain the audio file coaching. These training sessions also contain great video training links as well.

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  • 298x200 instructoremailmsgs

    Instructor Mail Messages

    View all the previous group e-mails sent from your instructor. Your instructor will be sending a weekly group e-mail outlining what's happening that week and letting you know of any curriculum changes. This section simply archives all group e-mails in one place by topic and date.

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  • 298x200 trainingismobile

    Training is Mobile

    All your favourite running calculators (pace and training, pace bands, bmi, and more) are now easier to access with our new navigation drawer. Convenient links to our most popular mobile tools include Rapid Registration (register for your race direct from your phone faster than ever before), mobile shopping with our complete product catalog.

    You can get our Free Pro App on iTunes or Google Play. We've rebuilt the Pro App to bring you even more great new tools and features. Running Room Training Program Members now have My Clinics as a part of the Pro App. A complete set of tools for Training Program Members reworked just for our Pro App. Log in, view all your training schedules, create new training schedules, check your goal race and read all the updates from your Clinic Instructor. Stay connected to your training programs and instructors via your mobile device.

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  • 298x200 traininglog

    Training Log

    This is a feature that we have built to allow participants to log and track their personal training. It is a great site and will add a lot of dimension to your on-line experience. You will find a number of other great features as a part of this log i.e. graphs to show representation of your training history and the 'shoe minder' utility which allows you to track the wear and tear on your training shoes.

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  • 298x200 trainingcalculator

    Training Calculators

    Access to your training programs also provide the benefit of access to the Running Room calculator tools. Calculate calorie intake, race equivalency paces, calculate your current training paces and much more.

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  • 298x200 paceband

    Pace Bands

    A pace band is a convenient way to keep your split times handy at your next race. Just choose a race distance and your goal time from the form below. Click the "CREATE" button and the site will display a customized pace band for you. Click on the printer icon to print out your pace band. Trim it and tape it around your wrist for your next race!

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