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Walk or Run to Quit Training Programs

Walk or Run to Quit

Walk or Run to a smoke free life

Duration: 10 weeks

Quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health. By signing up for this training program you are taking the first steps towards making a healthy change in your life. Participants learn to walk or run 5 km while receiving practical support on quitting smoking.


This is a 10 week training program that will help you quit smoking and will also teach you how to walk or run 5 km. Exercise has been shown to be a very successful tool when trying to quit smoking. It helps with cravings, withdrawal symptoms and weight gain. Are you ready to walk or run your way into a healthier you?

Your registration includes Run/Walk training, Group support, Personalized programs, Rewards memberships, FREE bi-monthly Running Room Magazine, Online training log and manuals, Online tech support and help pages, Run Club on Wednesday, Friday evenings and Saturday, Sunday mornings. Day and time may vary by location.

Weekly Program Includes

Goal setting, Injury prevention, Hill training, Cross training, Motivation, Apparel and shoe selection, Nutrition, Biomechanics, Heart rate training and hot and cold weather running

Determine Your Level

In order to prevent injury, it is recommended that you take a training program best suited to your current fitness level. For walkers, the program is for newly active walkers and is designed to establish a regular routine and start you off conservatively. The walking effort is a relaxed, normal pace, with lots of rest between workouts. Each week you will see improvement. You will slightly increase your walking times every two weeks. For runners, if you can currently run gently for 1 minute then you are ready. The pace while running should be gentle enough that you can carry on a conversation.

Participants can expect

  • Educational resources from the Canadian Cancer Society and support from Walk or Run to Quit coaches.
  • A walking or running program that will teach participants to run/walk 5 km by the end of 10 weeks, with a gradual progression of run and walk breaks.
  • Support from other smokers on how to quit smoking.
  • Additional support from National quitline services
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