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845x400 Endurance


Building your endurance is not only the central focus of many training plans, it is a process that has widespread benefits in most of your body's systems. By understanding and applying the science of building endurance, you can design a program that will optimize your progress, develop your oxygen transport system and bring your one step closer to your goals.


This week we'll cover the training schedules. We will briefly cover the different types of running on the schedule (Hill Training, Tempo runs, Long Slow Distance, etc.) as well as how to decide which training program best suits you.

Common Questions

Q: My long runs are already longer than the ones in the program, should I keep my mileage up?

A: No. A common error for runners is to run too much distance too soon. The training programs have been designed such that all the different runs work together to get you to the start line strong and healthy. The early weeks in the program are designed to help build your running base. Your best bet is to enjoy the slightly shorter runs on Sunday, there will be plenty of opportunities to run long later in the program.

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