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845x400 Interval Training

Interval Training

Once you have been training for a reasonable amount of time and have established your basic fitness level, interval training is a powerful way to improve both your overall fitness and specific running ability. By understanding and applying the science of intervals, you will find that when the training plan on the wall calls for interval training, you are energized by the challenge instead of finding reasons to skip the workout.


Speed Training is the "roof" of our training house. This is the last phase of our training program but don't be deceived by the "short" workouts. Although you'll only be running hard for short periods of time, the intensity will add up. By the end of a typical speed workout you'll be as tired as if you had run at least twice the distance.


A few key things to keep in mind for speed training:

  • Always run a light warm-up and cool-down.
  • Don't increase the distance or intensity of a speed workout too quickly.
  • Listen to any warning signs from your body - your goal race is fast approaching and you don't want to be nursing an injury.

This session will include taking you to a track or park where we can help you design an interval workout program suited to your training goals.

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