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845x400 Program Design

Program Design

How do you design a program to fit your needs while ensuring you get in the required training to get to the finish line. We will review the core principles of training and the essentials requirements of a training program.


Developing Your Training Program This is the time to start designing your own training program. As runners and walkers , it is important always to remember that each one of us is very unique. Each one of us has a distinctive body type, resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, not to mention the requirements put on us by our commitments to family, friends, community and our work. Each of you should have an ultimate goal and then several goals leading to your ultimate goal. We want to assist you to design an intelligent program that takes you there. The first concern for us is to keep the goals realistic and challenging, to keep the program fun and you running healthy.

The Running Room programs over the years have seen a tremendous success rate with the people who followed the programs. A word of caution: the people who neglected to follow the program were usually the same ones on the injury list. They, in most cases, felt the benefits of the early strength building phase and then pushed themselves too fast. Lets make this group the healthy and wise one. Be patient with your training; the long term rewards are in your favour. If you proceed to the online training program manual (left hand tool bar on the online training program home page) click on ‘training program manual’. There is a chapter on ‘Developing Your Program’. You will be brought through two important phases in the design of your personal program and we will also deal with goal setting.

Important Tips

All of us should be able to pass the talk test. If you have difficulty talking then you are running too fast.

“Walk breaks work! On the long runs our recommendation is they are mandatory and provide many benefits while keeping you highly motivated. During the week, walk breaks are optional. If you are feeling strong on your shorter runs you can run them continuously but watch the speed. Walk breaks are always optional and a great was to stay highly motivated, minimize injury and improve your recovery. At each group run we will have a group doing walk /run.”
John Stanton

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