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Eating Healthy

A major issue facing most of us today is how to make better choices in our daily intake of food and liquids. Think of one glass of water filled with our daily intake of calories and another glass filled with your daily output of calories through exercise and daily living. Simple enough. If you are at the perfect weight and body fat content, then you will strive to have the same amount of water in both glasses. For the vast majority of us trying to lose a few pounds, however, the goal is to have a larger glass for the output than for the input.In reality, most of us enjoy more input than output.


Many people become obsessed with the fat and oil contents of their food while neglecting to take note of the total number of calories consumed. Too many calories taken in, even from healthy foods like salads, breads and lean meats, still get converted to fat for storage, which is why exercise is so vital. The most important thing is a balance between the amount of exercise we get and the amount of food we consume. Intelligent choices in our food selections are what can really give us an advantage in weight management. More importantly, we must think of our total well-being rather than just management of our body weight.

Female athletes need to pay attention to certain aspects of their nutrition while training. This section of your online training program manual will address many concerns you may have including: Special Health Concerns For Female Athletes, Iron Intake and Supplements, Hormonal Changes, Risk of Injury

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